Find out if your employer participated in the Lloyd's Superannuation Fund.

Not sure if your benefits are held with the LSF? You may have benefits in the Fund if you contributed to a pension whilst you worked. Use the search function below to see if your employer participated in the Fund. If your employer is detailed below, then get in touch with the administration team to see if you have a retained benefit with us. Details of the administration team can be found on the Get in touch page.

Employers List
A J Archer & Co Limited
A J Archer & Partners
A J Archer Holdings Plc
A R E Chambers Underwriting Agency Limited
A R Mountain & Son Limited
Abbey Motor Policies At Lloyds
ABC Insurance Services Ltd
Aldgate Group Holdings Limited
Aldgate Insurance Brokers Limited
Alston Brockbank Agencies Limited
Amlin Corporate Services Limited
Amlin Private Capital Limited
Amlin Underwriting Ltd
Angerstein Underwriting Limited
Anthony Coster Underwriting Agencies
Archer Group Services Ltd
Ashley Palmer Holdings Limited
Ashley Palmer Limited
B & C Non Marine Brokers Ltd
B & C Reinsurance Brokers Ltd
B F Caudle Holdings Limited
B K Goodman & Others
B&C Insurance Management (Holdings) plc
Barder & Marsh
Barder & Marsh Limited
Beazley Furlonge & Hiscox Limited
Bellew & Raven (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
Bellew Parry & Raven (Holdings) Ltd
BMT Marine & Offshore Surveys Limited
PC Holdings Limited
BPC Underwriting Ag Ltd & BPC Members Agency Ltd (Aj)
BPC Underwriting Agencies Ltd (Formerly BPC Partners Ltd)
Bracey & Crump (Aviation Agency) Limited
Bradstock & Barker (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
Bradstock Barker & Ashley (Underwriting Agencies) Ltd
Byas Mosley & Co Ltd
C I De Rougemont & Co Ltd
C T Bowring (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
C W Rome (Underwriting) Ltd
Charles Taylor & Co
Charlesworth & Cox Limited
Christopherson Group Services Limited
Clifford Palmer Underwriting Agencies Limited
Cottrell & Maguire Limited
Cox Newton & Harman Ltd
Cox Tudsbery & Wills Ltd
Cox Underwriting Services Limited
Crowe Underwriting Agency Ltd
Crump & Crackett Agencies Limited
Crump & Johnson Underwriting Agency Ltd
Cunliffe-Fraser Bruce & Co Ltd
Cutler Underwriting Agencies Limited
Dashwood Underwriting Ltd
Denham Syndicate Management Ltd
Duncanson & Holt Agencies Ltd
Edwards & Payne (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
Equity Insurance Management Ltd
F L P Secretan & Co Ltd
F L P Secretan & Company
G W Hutton & Co (Underwriting Agencies) Ltd
Gooda & Partners Ltd
Gooda Group Investment Services Limited
Gooda Walker Ltd
Gordon Biggs Others K-A Renown Motor Policies Lloyds
Gray’s Inn (Underwriting Agency) Ltd
H G Chester & Company Limited
H G Poland (Agencies) Limited
H G Poland Ltd
H L Price & Others
Hall Agencies Limited
Hardcastle Underwriting Agencies Limited
Haynes Clack Underwriting Agencies Limited
Hermes Motor Policies At Lloyds
Holmes Hayday (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
Holmes Kingsley Carritt (Underwriting Agency) Limited
Home & Overseas Insurance
Howson F Devitt & Sons Ltd
Inbro Citygate Insurance Brokers Limited
Inbro Insurance Services London Limited
J Besso And Company Limited
J F C Dugdale & Others
J H Minet & Co Ltd
Jefferys Coates & Associates Ltd
John Poland & Co Ltd
John Poland (Managing Agency) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Continental) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Holdings) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Home And Overseas) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Insurance) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Life And Pensions) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Services) Limited
Joseph Hadley (Travel) Limited
Jubilee Administration Ltd
Jubilee Managing Agency Ltd
K F Alder (Underwriting Agency) Limited
K W Bickle (Underwriting) Ltd
Kingsley Underwriting Agencies Limited
Knightstone Group Limited
Knightstone Syndicate Management Limited
Knightstone Underwriting Limited
L G Cox & Co Ltd
L H Marten Limited
L Hammond & Co (Underwriting) Limited
L W Collins & Others
Landbase Limited
Liberty Motor Ltd
Lime St Underwriting Agencies Limited
Lloyd's Aviation Claims Centre Limited
Lloyd's Aviation Underwriters' Association
Lloyd's Motor Underwriters' Association
Lloyd's Underwriters' Association
Lloyd's Underwriters' Non Marine Claims Office Limited
LSF Pensions Management Ltd
Manif Services Limited
Markel International Services Limited
arlborough Underwriting Agency Limited
Moller Group
Morgan Donegan & Coleman Limited
Morgan Fentiman And Barber
Morgan Insurance Services Limited
Morgan Read & Coleman (Holdings) Ltd
Morgan Read & Coleman Limited
Morgan Read & Sharman Limited
Morgan Wright & Coleman Limited
MS Amlin Corporate Member Limited
MS Amlin Corporate Services Limited
Murray Lawrence & Partners
Murray Lawrence & Partners Limited
Murray Lawrence Holdings Limited
Murray Lawrence Insurance Management Limited
Murray Lawrence Members Agency Limited
Newman And Stuchbery Ltd
Norman & Bracey Ltd
Octavian Group Limited
Octavian Syndicate Management Limited
Octavian Underwriting Limited
Omni Whittington Services Ltd
Oxford Agency Holdings Limited
P & M Crowe Underwriting Agency Limited
Payne Hiscox Ltd
Pieri (Underwriting Agencies) Ltd
Polwring Underwriting Agency Limited
Prentis Donegan & Partners Limited
Quay Run-Off Services Ltd
R A Edwards & Co (Holdings) Limited
Richard Underwriting Limited
Richmond Underwriting Limited
River Clyde Holdings Plc
Room Underwriting Systems Limited
Saffronplace Limited
Seabase Limited
Seascope Administration Limited
Seascope Shipbrokers Limited (Formerly Seascope Ltd)
Secreton Group Services Limited
Seymour Newton Ltd
Shared Syndicate Services Ltd
Spreckley Villers Burnhope & Co Limited
Spreckley Villers Hunt & Co Ltd
St Paul Syndicate Services Limited
Stewart & Hughman Limited
Stewart Underwriting Plc
Sturge Holdings Plc
T L Ireland & Co (Holdings) Limited
T L Ireland & Co (Insurance Brokers) Limited
T L Ireland & Co (L&P) Limited
T L Ireland & Co Ltd
T L Ireland Company Limited
Tamar Underwriting Ltd
The Ajax Insurance Association Limited
The Mitre Insurance Association
The Renown Insurance Association Limited
The Salvage Association
Thos R Miller & Son
Towergate Underwriting Agencies Limited
Tyser Holdings Limited
W G Gooda & Sons Limited
W M Crump & Son
Wackerbarth Hardman & Co Ltd
Wellington Underwriting Services Limited
Wendover Underwriting Agency Limited
Whittingham Goup Limited
XL Brockbank Underwriting Limited

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